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Mon 25. Jan 19:01

CI builds and deployments

on your desktop

cidemon monitors your builds, deployments and pull requests. It integrates directly with your continuous integration service and puts all the info right on your Desktop. It does this in the background, is always available and saves you time by notifying you when something breaks.

Stop manually checking your build processes.

Focus on what matters

feature 1

Access with just a glance

All the data you need to make a decision, one click way.

  • CI provider
  • Build status
  • Repository information
  • Branch name
  • Build number
  • Individual build checks
  • Build date
  • Trigger rebuilds
  • HTTP ping checks

Crafted with love

  • Buy it once, then it's yours forever.
  • Really really fast, it's a native App.
  • Sends a notification on failures or restorations.
  • Custom filtering via regex.
  • Everything is locally stored in the macOS keychain.
  • Designed for simplicity, just beautiful.
  • No tracking, your data and your privacy are a priority.
  • Made in Germany 🇩🇪
feature 2
Works with your CI

Deeply integrated each API, this allows for fetching of detailed information at dizzying speed.

No need to wait for slow web interfaces to load only to show you your build has failed.

Still not convinced? Hear it from other devs

Must have for developers

"One of those tools that you don't realize how convenient it makes life until you try it. Works great with CircleCI and saves time having to wait and check the build status manually."


A simple tool that adds so much DX value

"I have no idea why a tool like this has not been published earlier. Having a unobtrusive reminder of CI status is extremely useful. While email or slack notifications might be great for important build notifications, I find this is so much better for getting updates on feature branches that don't need my immediate attention. It's also so much faster than going to a bookmarked CI page in your browser, finding the build, and waiting for slow interfaces to load. Would easily recommend to anyone using CI on your projects - especially CircleCI."


Great tool for monitoring CI workflows

"I've been using CCMenu for a while but that has issues as it only monitors the default branch in CircelCI. I wanted the abiilty to monitor specific named branches such as "release" or "preflight", and also any personal branches such as "foo-*". cidemon tool totally does all of that!"


Dev illustration

My name is Oscar Franco, I work as a team lead. cidemon came to exist because of the need I had to coordinate work across projects, repos and devs. With large amounts of code committed every day, it is particularly important to have an overview of the global state of your team/company/project.

I'm not giving the product away because I put a lot of time and effort iterating on it, I also think that if you need this, it will save you so much time and wasted effort that it is worth more than what I ask for it. By purchasing the product you help me keep it alive.

By using cidemon I solved my problem, which is the best testament to any product. Hopefully it will save you time and headaches when something goes unnoticed. If you have any question or problem, please, contact me.