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Monitor your builds, from your desktop.

The best macOS menu bar app to retrieve, store and notify you on your CI/CD builds, are you ready to stop opening web pages like a chump and stop wasting your time?

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All the power from your desktop

Tempomat shows you all the information you need on a single click.

  • CI Provider
  • Build status
  • Repository owner & name
  • Branch
  • Build number

Sorted, filtered and already loaded when you need it. No need to wait for slow web apps.

Here are all the goodies

  • It is FAST AF, it's native macOS app, it doesn't get any faster.
  • Receive NOTIFICATIONS when a build fails/passes.
  • Not a another SaaS, BUY IT ONCE, own it until the end of time.
  • Create your own CUSTOM FILTERS using regexes, even do invert filtering.
  • Everything is ENCRYPTED AND SAFELY STORED in the macOS keychain.
  • Look at it! It's BEAUTIFUL, no other words to describe it.
  • Trigger a REBUILD, right from your desktop.
  • By the way it is also OPEN SOURCE, you can contribute to it!
  • Supports all the CIs... ok, not all, but many:

List of supported systems

Seriously? See what the users say about it

Must have for developers


One of those tools that you don't realize how convenient it makes life until you try it. Works great with CircleCI and saves time having to wait and check the build status manually.

by srolija

A simple tool that adds so much DX value


I have no idea why a tool like this has not been published earlier. Having a unobtrusive reminder of CI status is extremely useful. While email or slack notifications might be great for important build notifications, I find this is so much better for getting updates on feature branches that don't need my immediate attention. It's also so much faster than going to a bookmarked CI page in your browser, finding the build, and waiting for slow interfaces to load. Would easily recommend to anyone using CI on your projects - especially CircleCI.

by twgraham

Great tool for monitoring CI workflows


I've been using CCMenu for a while but that has issues as it only monitors the default branch in CircelCI. I wanted the abiilty to monitor specific named branches such as "release" or "preflight", and also any personal branches such as "foo-*". Tempomat tool totally does all of that!

by Nigel1066